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Insulation & Carpet Lining 

Walker’s Campers have a wide range of insulation materials to suit your needs.
This includes recycled plastic bottle insulation, Thermal foil insulation and rubber matting.

We also offer full lining in 3mm or 6mm plywood and 12mm ply floor installations.

Whether you’re thinking of starting a camper conversion, or if you are looking to simply carpet line your van for everyday use, Walker’s Campers offer a wide range of Automotive lining systems to suit your design requirements.

We can carpet most surfaces of your vehicle, moulding to the contours of the van in your chosen colours/ finishes.

This is both a great starting point and a good quality finish to any vehicle conversion, providing both insulation and great looks.

We only use high quality automotive lining products and adhesives that are tried and tested by ourselves. 

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